From The President’s Desk:
Welcome to 2017!  May you all enjoy a healthy and Happy New Year!
It’s wonderful to start a new year with new ideas, new resolutions for self-improvement, new energy and new projects. The beginning of the new year is the beginning of a new chapter in our lives that will continue to blossom and develop each day. We’ve all heard the expression : Live one day at a time with zest and confidence and enjoy yourself along the way.  That is what is wished for each of you.
We, the Officers and members of the Executive Board, look forward to pursuing new challenges as they present themselves and working to the best of our abilities to continue to make OCREA better and better.  The present Officers and Executive Board members are a cohesive unit that work well together while keeping their individual personalities. We are diligent about meeting the challenges put forth by individuals and events requiring us to prepare to deal with them in the most responsible manner.
Sometimes we call on you to volunteer to work with us in any way that you can.  Some of you have in the past and have expanded your involvement to work beside us.  Wonderful!  Hopefully, when you are able or so inspired, you will join with us in any capacity in which you excel so that the present members of OCREA will continue to enjoy the efforts  of those early and present leaders and volunteers of OCREA.   We need to continue those efforts for the next generation of educators. We need you to share in our Luncheons, Trips, Scholarship efforts, charity contributions and promotion of our professional efforts  while you continue to be valued members of OCREA.
Again, Happy New Year!  May 2017 be the best year ever!!!
Warm regards,
Rae Saulino

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