From The President’s Desk:


We are beginning the 2016-2017 OCREA year with anticipation and energy in the hope that all of us, together, will make a difference in promoting education and the Constitutional Amendment which will responsibly fund our pensions.

The Officers and Executive Board Members have been diligently working on your behalf from June to October to ensure that information regarding the status of our pensions has been distributed to you. We’ve attended meetings, have mailed you special editions of the Wavelet, have posted the latest updates on the Website, have folded and mailed the Wavelet, and have sent personal emails to friends, family and neighbors to inform them and the general public just what this means to all of us.  Remember: we contributed to our pensions with every pay check that we earned.  As I child, I was taught that when you make a promise, you shall not break it.  Your word is your bond!

Some of our elected legislators have not committed to supporting the pension funding issue; some did and then changed their minds.  You need to do your research to find out ‘who and why’ minds are closed or are not committed to doing what is fair.  Log into VoteNJPension.org for current information.

We will continue to act responsibly in supporting Legislators who will support US responsibly.  Who would have thought that we came ‘this close’ to having the bill posted only to have it NOT be posted/11111

However, we will continue to:  raise money for scholarships;  provide information to our members by using email addresses provided on the back of your luncheon placecard; meet four times a year as an organization to keep you abreast of issues;  ask for your support to attend rallies, make phone calls for important issues;  and. meet to socialize as we keep in touch with each other.

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the October Luncheon as it will prove to be a real eye-opener.  You will greet the Officers and Members of the Executive Board so that you have a ‘face’ to go with the names you see on the Wavelet or on the Website.


Warm Regards,

Rae Saulino

OCREA President



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