OCREA Membership May 2015


When the May dues notifications are mailed by NJREA, be sure to check OCREA as your county. By choosing OCREA we will automatically get notified of your membership status.

The mailing will also go to thousands of inactive former members. If you are a life member, OCREA will be sending your dues notice again. NJEA will not bill NJREA life members. Honorary members do not need to mail us anything.

If you do not join OCREA & NJREA, you will no longer receive the Wavelet. Please advise OCREA when you have a change of address. This will allow your Wavelet to arrive on time.

NJREA Membership Form

If you know of any member who has passed away, please let me know. We can pass the information on to our members.


Carol Durkin,
Membership Chair

Please send questions to me at cbaylea@aol.com.



 Would you like to be included in an email list for use only by OCREA?  We can forward important information and reminders for luncheons and trips to you.  This list would only be accessible by the President, Membership Chair and Travel Coordinator.

Constant Contact :

Constant Contact is an email program that allows members to receive timely  information. We do not sell the emails to anyone. In order to sign up, we just need your email address and your name

Please fill in the information which of course is confidential.

You can mail it to Carol Durkin, 223 Wedgewood Drive, Toms River, NJ 08753, or email me at cbaylea@aol.com .


NAME ________________________________________________________

Email address _________________________________________________

I give OCREA the right to use this email address for OCREA business only.

Signature ______________________________________________________


Carol Durkin, Membership



If you were 85 by Sept. 1, 2010, you are an honorary member and there is no membership fee.

Please fill out the form and mail it to me indicating you are now honorary.

Important: If you have a summer and winter address, I need to know both of them in order to mail your Wavelet to the correct address.

If you move, please email or send me the new information. cbaylea@aol.com

Print out form found here  NJREA Membership Form  and send to:

Carol Durkin
223 Wedgewood Drive
Toms River, NJ 08753

Membership Fee: $10
(Make check out to OCREA)

If you have  moved or relocated, we need your updated information. Please log on to http://www.NJEA.org  and update your personal profile information.